What is Trading FX ?

It is a Trading Company, working in Share Marketing, NIFTY, Commodity and Currency Trading.

 How Trading FX works ?

It works of Automated Trading Concepts.

 What is the Minimum and Maximum Investment?

You can start with just Rs.500 and above.

 How much profit (ROI) Trading FX ensures ?

Trading FX ensure maximum returns, depends on investment and market scenario.

 Is there any other benefits?

Yes, Trading FX provide other passive incomes apart from trading reward, like Level Reward, Bonus and bonanza offers, in the nutshell it provides Five (5) type of bonus (income).

 What is the Withdrawal time frame of passive income?

Daily, Trading Fx provide daily withdrawal option, whereas Rewards and ROI on Level basis.

 How much profit we can ensure against investment?

You may get handsome returns with our strategy.

 Can we directly register with company?

Yes, but you just use a sponsor ID (TRADINGFX) to register yourself.

 Is it Live Trading?

Yes it is Live-Trading.

 What is the liquidity of my investment?

You can withdraw 70% of your investment anytime.

 What next, if we have any query?

if you have any query or concerns, Please contact Whatsapp Customer Service Number or write to us: [email protected], our representative revert you.